pablo reinoso

January 2 - April 7, 2013

Xippas Arte Contemporáneo is very pleased to announce Pablo Reinoso’s exhibition in Punta del Este. The argentine artist, lived in Paris for over 30 years, is presenting this recent sculptures of their Bench and Marco Firuletes series and drawings of this culptural projects.


Originally a sculptor but essentially an artist, Pablo Reinoso has practiced art in different ways since an early age. He created his first sculpture at thirteen and his first bench-sculpture at fifteen, but at six he had already made chairs and bookcases.


After having extracted from noble materials series as coherent and solid as Les Articulations (1970–1980) Reinoso cast off these materials to venture into other paths. His next project was a series of Breathing Works (1995–2002) made of fabric and air. Appropriating the architectural space located between the installation and minimalism, he played with the precariousness of our existence to evoke the body, the insistence of the drive, life and death.


In Ashes to Ashes Pablo Reinoso also reflects about time, the fragility of certainty, and the fleetingness of the established order, albeit in a more mature way. He introduces us in this way to the question of loss, and thus points at something of the impossible, intrinsic adaptation of human beings to their world. Continuing with this approach while having undergone in 2004 he tackled a series where he brought to the fore an icon of industrial design, the Thonet chair.


Subsequently, Pablo Reinoso took public benches of anonymous design as a starting point for his reflection in the Spaghetti (since 2006), these benches cross cultures and have something of the out-of-time and out-of-date about them. The artist stages benches that, having fulfilled their role as furniture, become once again branches that can grow and climb. They are no longer at the service of a function but retrieve their life and their condition.


In the serie: The Scribbling Benches, since 2009, rather than an anonymous bench or an iconic chair, Pablo Reinoso uses a material — a steel beam — as his starting point. It is the unexpected aspect of heaviness, destined to structure architecture, that is twisted like a string to create a bench and draw light, transparent, contemplative spaces.


In this last serie : Marco Firulete, Pablo Reinoso continues his research on wood and once again, pushes back, the limits of his material and the frontiers between artwork and object. The artist emancipates the frame from its function by making it the object to watch, the center of attention of the spectator.


By showing an empty frame, Pablo Reinoso overthrows the established order and encourages us to reorientate our eyes on the material itself. Wood is animated by a ludic and hardy movement, the material is freed from its confines and utility by becoming volutes.


As with the ‘Thonet chair’ series, the object made by man goes back to its origin and wood return to its vegetal and living state. The frame becomes a climbing plant and explores the emptiness that is around.


Having studied architecture but being multifaceted, curious, and often self-taught, Pablo Reinoso has always navigated among disciplines (sculpture, photography, architecture, design). He views these diverse fields as many different ways of reading the world and conversing with it; of creating and tackling challenges. A constant feature in his work is his penchant for endlessly questioning, subverting, using materials or objects against their grain, bringing opposites together, and playing to the limit of impossibility. Yet he always takes unforeseen, disconcerting paths with a hint of humor and derision, that is, with much seriousness and conviction.